“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” -John Lennon
“Be strong and courageous” -The Bible

Very often, something needs to be reimagined, but you don’t yet know it. You build something up and put so much effort into it that it becomes a beast of expectations. Eventually the beast becomes so encompassing that it is impossible to see anything but it. Your concern to nurture it becomes a full time job, and the beliefs that were once cornerstones crack from its gravity.

And the whole time, you never take a minute to wonder if what you are doing is really what you should be doing.


Until a bomb drops; figuratively, actually, emotionally, or all of the above, because something with that much weight is never sustainable. The beast of expectations suddenly becomes 1.0 and you need to start thinking about 2.0.

But you don’t, because you cannot imagine a post 1.0 life. Everything is askew and you’re mad. How did this happen? What went wrong? So you waste some time on the past. You indulge in self pity and pass blame and judgment along.

Eventually, 2.0 begins to take shape. It grows in spite of your resistance and you realize just how resilient you are. It’s just like that moment of first love, after it’s gone. You begin to look back at 1.0 mythologically and the yearning for it dulls enough to finally look forward.

It was necessary, the wasting time, but now the necessity is courage and strength, because there’s work to get done, and it’s called 2.0.

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